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High Tide Mushroom Farm

About Us

Sustainable and Regenerative

Our family owned and operated facility uses regenerative agriculture practices to help create a more local, sustainable food network that is accessible and affordable!


All Your Mycology Needs

Our mycology supplies are produced in-house using leading industry techniques and equipment. 

Superior Quality Produce

Our mushrooms are cultivated in our indoor facility located here in Rhode Island.

Mycoremediation and Mycofiltration Services

Let us implement bioremediation strategies on your residential or commercial property to protect and preserve our precious ecosystem.


Meet Our Mushrooms

Seasonal Availability

We grow different mushrooms throughout the year. Some mushrooms prefer warm, tropical climates, while other mushrooms prefer cooler temperatures! Luckily, in Rhode Island we get the best of both to showcase an array of mushroom variety!  Check out what we are currently growing and working on over at Instagram. 

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Bringing Local Back, Yup!

We are working hard to create sustainable communities. This means educating people on how to create sustainable food systems and encouraging them to shop local.

A Sustainable Food Network

A way of producing food in which actively restores habitat and protect biodiversity around production areas while reducing green house gases.

Locally Grown

Creating communities that can provide themselves with the necessary fresh produce to minimize the impact of calamities and reduce the occurrence of food insecurity.


Our Mission

To provide a sustainable food source

To protect and preserve our land and waterways

To educate about sustainability and the functional applications of mycelium

Long Useful Life

Healthy, Fresher Foods that last longer

Organic Growth

Using clean regenerative food systems


Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives by going farm to table. 

Sharing Knowledge

Creating a community and network of growers and educators willing to help spread the advantages of regenerative food systems.

Join us and see how mushrooms and mycelium can enrich our community and environment

 We offer the highest quality products, from mycology supplies to tinctures derived from our mushrooms.

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Our products are never outsourced!


Our Current Projects

Come and read about what we are currently working on.

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